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2007 was the year of the Nokia N73, the first of my N serie, the first phone with a 3M pixel Zeiss lens camera... I upgraded to N93i during the summer, another 3.5MP and the only camphone with a 3x optic zoom ever.

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2006 is the time I really started taking pictures with my phone, I bought my first smartphone, the Nokia 6680, and started posting on Coquille.org via Shozu's FTP publishing service.


This is the year of N95, 8GB, the first 5MP camphone with Carl Zeiss lens


This year is the year of the N85, 5MP. Probably my favorite Nokia, a very powerful yet small smartphone.


No change for 2010, still Nokia N85, it is the year when I really started to shoot the architecture around me


This is the year of the mega pixel, Nokia N8 with 12MP !!! and Xenon flash... more pixels than my reflex camera and a flash that I thought was even too powerful at night.


I let Nokia go for the first time in 2012, Symbian was just too slow, so I bought the iPhone 4s and started to play with filters to balance with the lack of pixels and image quality of the iPhone compared to the N8, especially in low light.